We offer a line of products called AlphaVM. AlphaVM is a virtual machine that:

  • emulates a whole DEC/Compaq/HP Alpha AXP system includuing the peripherals,
  • is targeted to replace ageing Alpha systems,
  • runs on a modern computer system with Linux or Windows,
  • runs OpenVMS or Tru64/Digital UNIX

Why migrate to AlphaVM? Simply because it lowers your risks and reduces the ownership costs.

  • The chance that the new hardware fails is lower.
  • The maintenance of new hardware is cheaper than of the old hardware.
  • The energy bill is lower with the new hardware.
  • The new hardware takes less space in your room. AlphaVM runs even on a laptop.
  • The migration to AlphaVM does not require any changes in your software; the migration risks are low.
  • The virtual machine is more flexible than your old physical machine: it is easier to backup, clone, or experiment with your configuration.

AlphaVM-Pro on E3-1270 v3 CPU (3.5GHz) runs at about 1000 VUPs! See the benchmark page for the details about AlphaVM performance.

A new product AlphaVM-Basic is now available. It is designed for hobbyist use, although its license also allows commercial use. This product is a replacement for the discontinued AlphaVM-Free.

The AlphaVM-Pro IEEE FP performance has been significantly improved.