HP/Compaq/DEC AlphaServer DS20

This page contains the summary of the HP AlphaServer DS20 system. This system is a mid-range AlphaServer. It was designed to deliver high performance for busyness, technical and scientific applications. Its typical applications are a databse server, an internet server, an NFS server.

The successors of this server are DS20E, DS20L.

This Alpha server can be replaced by our AlphaVM-Pro product. AlphaVM will lower your maintenance costs, the enegry bills and increase performance! It is easy and safe to migrate.

Parameter Value
System name AlphaServer DS20
CPU type EV6, 21264, 500MHz
Maximal number of CPUs 2
Maximal RAM 4GB
Cache on chip 64K I-cache and 64K D-cache
On-board cache 4MB
System Marketing Models (SMM) 1CPU - 1838, 2CPU - 1920
Chipset Tsunami/Typhoon
System codename Goldrush (0x22, 0x06)
Base license units -
Layered Product license units -
Supported OpenVMS since 7.1-2
Supported Tru64 since 4.0e

More information is available at the HP site here.


Parameter 1CPU 2CPU
TPS 2,367 3,867
SPECint 2000 base 300 -
SPECint 2000 peak 313 -
SPECfp 2000 base 383 -
SPECfp 2000 peak 422 -
SPECint 95 base 23.6 -
SPECint 95 peak 27.7 -
SPECfp 95 base 48.4 -
SPECfp 95 peak 58.7 -