About EmuVM

EmuVM is an acronym created from the words "Emulation" and "Virtual Machine". EmuVM has developed a software product to emulate Alpha AXP hardware. We called the product AlphaVM, standing for Alpha Virtual Machine. AlphaVM running on a modern computer system can be used as a safe and non-expensive replacement of end-of-life Alpha hardware.

Many businesses are stuck with old Alpha systems which they cannot replace with modern computers, because the software designed for Alpha cannot run "as is" on an Intel or AMD based servers. Typical examples include data centers and industrial software that controls a production processes and document flows, which are most critical applications. The software replacement in this case is too risky and expensive. At the same time the ownership costs of the old hardware is constantly increasing.

The AlphaVM product solves this problem by means of emulation based on the virtual machine technology. This emulator can run on any computer, even a laptop. Thus all your software does not need any modifications or reengineering during the hardware replacement.

Advantages of the virtual machine solution:

Our company has accumulated a lot of experience in the area of hardware emulation. Our unique algorithms allow us to permanently achieve a new maximum level of Alpha emulator performance.

In the future we plan to create emulators for more Alpha systems and more periherals. We also plan to emulate other, non-Alpha, architectures.

Finally, we can develop, tune or configure the AlphaVM emulator according to your specific requirements.