AlphaVM is a virtual machine that:

AlphaVM-Basic is a basic version of AlphaVM emulator. It can be used to emulate a wide range of Alpha systems. It is targeted for hobbyist use, although it can also be used for commercial projects that do not have high performance and availability requirements. This product has been released to satisfy many hobbyists requests. It is an alternative to the discontinued AlphaVM-Free.

AlphaVM-Basic features

Emulated features

AlphaVM emulates Alpha systems based on Tsunami chipset. This class includes the following systems: DS10, DS20, ES40. However, the emulator is able to replace other Alpha systems.

The emulated features:

Emulated systems DS10, DS20, ES40, XP900, XP1000.

More precisely: DS10/466, DS10/616, DS10L/466, DS20/500, DS20E/500, DS20E/667, DS20E/833, DS20L/833, ES40/500, ES40/667, ES40/833, XP900/466, XP1000/500, XP1000/667, XP1000/750.
Systems that can be replaced by AlphaVM. Most systems can be replaced. The emulated system does not have to exactly match the system being migrated.
Emulated chipsets Tsunami, Typhoon.
Emulated CPU EV6x (functionally, not performance-wise)
Number of CPUs 1
RAM 128MB - 1024MB
Serial lines Two standard serial lines COM1 and COM2. The serial lines can be mapped to raw TCPIP connections.
SCSI controllers ISP10xx based controller. The number of SCSI controllers is limited by the number of available PCI slots in the emulated system.
SCSI disks Virtual SCSI disks
SCSI CDROMs SCSI CDROMs mapped to iso files or to real CDROM. It is recommended to use the ISO files.
SCSI tapes Not supported. Supported in AlphaVM-Pro.
SCSI pass though Not supported. Supported in AlphaVM-Pro.
FibreChannel Not supported
IDE Not supported
Floppy Not supported
USB Not supported
Ethernet Tulip based NICs. DE435 and DE500. These NICs operate at 10 and 100Mbits. However, the actual network transfer capacity depends on the underlying physical NIC. It can, for instance, be 1GBit. The number of NICs is limited by the number of available PCI slots in the emulated system.
Host CPU release when the guest OS is idle. Not supported. Supported in AlphaVM-Pro.

Please note that it is not possible to order AlphaVM-Basic with more CPUs or larger memory. If you need it, please consider AlphaVM-Pro.

Guest operating systems

The emulator supports the following guest operating systems:

OpenVMS 7.1-2 and higher
Tru64 (Digital UNIX, OSF/1) 4.0e and higher.
Alpha Linux Tested with Debian 8.x


AlphaVM-Basic performance is limited. If you need a faster emulation, please consider purchasing AlphaVM-Pro, which is a factor of 5 to 10 faster. See also our benchmark page.

Note that the AlphaVM CPU performance directly depends on the host CPU performance. We advice an Intel host CPU with high clock frequency, for instance, E3-1270 v6.

Host hardware and OS requirements

AlphaVM-Basic requires the following system to run:

Host system A modern x86-64 system with SSE4.1 support.
Virtual hosts Tested to run on VMware, Hyper-V, ProxMox VE. It may run on other virtual hosts like Virtual Box but it is neither tested nor supported.
Host OS Windows x64 (2008, 7 or higher) or Linux x64 (based on RedHat 6.x or Debian 7.x or higher).
Number of host CPU cores 2
Host RAM 4GB
Disk space Depends on the amount and the size of virtual disks emulated.


AlphaVM-Basic has an annual license that allows both personal and commercial use.

AlphaVM-Basic uses an internet connection based lincese. The license is checked using a TCPIP connection to our license server The outgoing port 19991 must thus be open in your firewalls. If the connection drops, the system will try to reconnect for the grace period of 12 hours before actually stopping.

Please note that the guest operating systems (OpenVMS and Tru64), layered products and applications may require own licensing. When you migrate from real hardware to the emulator, the licenses can be reused, if you stop using them on the original hardware. However, you may need to purchase so called transfer licenses. Further information about transfer licenses is available for OpenVMS here and for Tru64 here. If you plan to continue using the original hardware, you need to order a new set of licenses from HP.

Pricing and purchase

The annual license costs €400. An annual license extension/prolongation costs €100. For extensions no gaps are allowed. The prices do not include eventual taxes applicable in your country.

We accept PayPal or bank wire transfer.

If you wish to purchase the product, please send a request to . Please specify whether you purchase as a person or as a company (or an organization). In the latter case please provide the company name. Please provide your name and your or your company address to be put on the invoice. We will also need to know how many licenses you would like to purchase.

If you are an EU company, we will need your company VAT ID. In this case the VAT is reverse charged on the purchaser.

Product support

AlphaVM is provided as is. If you need product support, please consider AlphaVM-Pro. Please report problems. We strive to solve all serious problems. It will be possible to download product update releases when they are available.